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Card Description:

The present exists eternally.


One of the 50 physical ENT cards from the first edition, a 89x127mm Spot Barnish Card of Recycled Paper, NFC Chip, unlocking access to:

  • Ambient music from Maar World
  • Interplanetary Player: Immerse yourself in a unique interactive experience through the Interplanetary Player.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Each card comes with a one-of-a-kind certificate of authenticity, verifying its originality and adding to its collectible value.
  • Special License: You will be granted a special license that provides you with certain rights, such as distribution, remixing, adaptation, and building upon the material associated with the card, all while ensuring proper attribution.
  • High-Quality Audio Downloads: Gain the ability to download high-quality audio files associated with the ENT card, allowing you to enjoy the captivating music on various devices and platforms.

Ecological Production: The artist placed a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly production methods for the Sky Sounds Deck Album. All cards were produced in Italy, powered by solar energy, made from 100% recycled paper, and the inks used are also eco-friendly.

Shipping: We will ship your purchase within 3 business days, and depending your location may take 5-9 more business days. You will receive an informative email indicating that your order has been shipped. We are not responsible for any delivery delays that are attributable to circumstances beyond our control.

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You will get one of the 50 physical ENT cards from the first edition, unlocking access to> interplanetary player, a unique certificate of authenticity, a colaborative license, and high-quality audio downloads.

ENT Card Number
Dimension X
Spat Speed
Dimension Y
Ring Oribitator
Dimension Z
Flang Vibes
Track Suit
Sky Sounds.1
Deck Album
Sky Sounds
Alternative planet names
Kepler-47 d
Distance [lightyears]
Discovery Year
Recycled Paper + Spot Barnish
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